Dedicated Web Hosting Guide

5 Reasons to Switch to Dedicated Server Hosting In this current age of technological advancement, different websites are coming up each day making the web space full of millions of websites. Increase in the number of websites means there are more threats from cyber-crime hacking now more than ever to safe computing.

Dedicated Web Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is whereby a website owner leases or buys an entire server and uses the server exclusively for his/her web hosting. This translates to control over the server including the choice of operating system and hardware among other things thus ensuring superior performance of your website at all times. There are several benefits that come with dedicated hosting and they include;


Servers are vulnerable to hacking, viruses and all manner of security breaches always and your website is safe to the extent that the web hosting company is able to protect it. However, having a dedicated server means you have control over the choice of anti-virus software, firewalls, updates on software and any kind of upgrade that needs to be undertaken making you sorely responsible for your security. Companies that deal with purchase and selling of products, collection of sensitive and confidential data should consider dedicated hosting to ensure protection of data.

Faster Response

An average website visitor usually doesn’t wait for more than 3 seconds after searching for something online before they find an alternative site for use. A shared server therefore means that the hard drive, memory, processor and other resource factors that can lead to optimum speed of your website are shared due to handling more processes, thus taking more time for web pages to respond. If your priority is quick and accurate responses for your website then a dedicated server is a good solution for you.

Flexibility and Control

Dedicated hosting for website provides you with the ultimate control over your server to perform custom programming e.g. running shell scripts, cron jobs or software best suited to your needs. Also choosing of the hardware, operating system, anti-virus and any other need necessary to you can be easily performed because unlike shared servers where people aren’t willing to have their sites offline while others perform maintenance on their systems.
dedicated servers for websites

Also anything installed on a shared server needs consultation with system administrators who have to consult with other clients to perform changes that work for everyone for the best.

DPersonal IP address

Shared servers have the same IP address shared by all the clients on that specific system. This means that if one of the website is blocked due to hosting dubious content, sending junk mails, it will affect all the other websites thus inconveniencing all other clients sharing the same. With a dedicated server, you use your own IP address.

Bandwidth penalties

On a shared server, there are allocated bandwidth bundles which a client shouldn’t exceed because others too are using the same service. If exceeded, that attracts substantial fines which may not be allocated in your budget. Dedicated servers however have a bandwidth allocated to that specific server hence most companies don’t impose any kind of penalties for exceeding the bandwidth allocation.